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Puppy Foundation

Our 8 week puppy foundation course covers a variety of basic obedience exercises and essential life skills, incorporating critical socialisation into all classes. Class sizes are limited to avoid pups becoming overwhelmed and allowing us to harness a positive relationship between pup and owner. With two trainers taking the classes, we can offer a high level of one to one time and attention to all pup and owners, helping you make the most of the course.

On completion of the course, pups are eligible to earn their
Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Certificate.

Some of the tasks covered in our puppy course include:

url Sit, down, stand
url Walk nicely on a lead
url Wait
url Come when called
url Stay / settle
url Follow a treat to bed
url Grooming and handling
url Play
url Introduction to tricks
url General advice and guidance

A major aspect of our puppy classes is socialisation, not just by allowing off lead play time with other dogs, but also exposure to novel objects in a positive environment. So be prepared to come in party gear, hats, or with an umbrella or pushchair!

Starter Obedience

Our Starter Obedience course is designed for pups and adults dogs who want to introduce and develop a range of basic obedience exercises and life skills. This class is also ideal for new rescue dog owners and those returning to training after a long break. The course lasts for 8 weeks and focuses on basic obedience such as loose lead walking, wait, recall and stay, as well as those essential life skills such as settling, focus, manners, polite greeting and confidence. Dogs under 12 months at completion of the course are also eligible to earn their Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Certificate. As with our puppy course, class sizes are limited to ensure adequate one to one time and attention is provided to all clients.

KC Good Citizen Scheme Classes

It is recommended that dogs progress through the awards, while dogs that demonstrate competence in the tasks will be eligible to earn the respective
KCGC Award Certificates.

Bronze Award

The aim of this award is to produce a dog that will walk and behave in a controlled manner on the lead, will stay when asked and will allow the owner to inspect and groom it. The dog should also be able to return to its owner when called.

In this weekly class, we will teach tasks such as:

url Loose lead walking
url One minute stay
url Grooming, handling, inspection
url Basic recall
url Responsibility and care
url Removing and putting on collar
url Controlled passage through a door or gate

Silver Award

The aim of this award is to build on the skills learned in Bronze. While increasing the difficulty of previous tasks, new skills are introduced which play an important role in everyday life situations.

In this weekly class we teach tasks such as:

url Road walk on a loose lead
url Wait and recall
url Two minute stay
url Control in and out of a vehicle
url Come away from distractions
url Food manners
url Controlled greeting
url Examination of the dog
url Responsibility and care of the dog

Gold Award

The Gold Award is the highest level of the Good Citizen Scheme and builds on skills learned in Silver while developing more advanced training skills.

In this weekly class we teach tasks such as:

url Road walk on loose lease
url Recall from off lead free time
url Off lead heel work
url Two minute stay in and out of sight
url Stop the dog from a distance
url Relaxed isolation
url Food manners
url Examination of the dog
url Responsibility and care of the dog

Platinum and Diamond Awards 

Here at Little Paws we have developed our very own Platinum and Diamond Awards for those of you that want to continue training while introducing a wide variety of skills. Through these Awards we introduce and develop obedience skills, rally exercises and fun tasks. We incorporate, scent work, tricks, competitive obedience and advanced good citizens exercises to offer a varied and interesting award to aim for. 

Rally Obedience

Rally obedience is a competitive canine sport which requires dog and handler to work as a ream to navigate a set course Rally is a great way to have fun with your dog and keep their brains working. There are six levels in Kennel Club Rally, increasing in difficulty. Competitions are held all over the country throughout the year for all levels.

Our weekly Rally class offers an introduction to all Kennel Club signs individually and in course format through levels 1-6.

Workshops and Intensive Courses

While we have a varied number of classes and courses to suit most, we also offer a range of other activities.

Our Show Skills Workshop aims to help those wanting to pursue breed showing with their dogs. I draw from over 20 years experience in the ring both as a junior handler and in the breed classes. This class does not intend to replace Kennel Club Listed Ring craft clubs but instead is designed to guide and assist in teaching the skills required to develop you and your dogs show career.

Our Scent Games courses aims to introduce dogs and handlers to the joy of Scent work. Tapping into our dogs natural scenting ability, we introduce find it games, Scent identification, tracking and indications. This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to build on Scent work for a career or hobby, or who simply wants to provide their dog with an enriching opportunity and open up a whole new world to enjoy together.

Our monthly training and socialisation walks are designed to accommodate both dogs who wish to play with other sociable dogs, or those who need to develop their social skills in a controlled and positive environment. This one hour walk is split into two sections, starting with the socialisation aspect of the walk, and ending with an outdoor group training session focusing on either lead walking, focus, recall or general skills. 

In addition to our weekly rally club where we practise signs and courses, we also offer workshops and Intensive courses introducing you to the world of KC rally obedience. We cover the rules and regulations set out for kennel club rally, the signs included at each level, course set up and design and practise courses.

Trick Dog Training

Tricks are a fun and non-pressured way to continue your dogs training. Dogs, like people, get bored if they are not challenged and their minds stimulated. If obedience work is too formal, why not join us on one of our 8 weeks courses where we learn a wide variety of tricks of varying difficulty.

Enjoy taking on tasks such as jumping through hoops, kicking a ball, balancing, ringing bells, and climbing ladders, as well as old favourites like Paw, Wave, Roll Over, Fetch, and so on.

We even have our very own trick dog titles where you can earn your badge at each level and push for an excellence award. Work through your learning journals to keep track of the tricks you’ve learned and feel free to add some new ones that are not on the list!

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